We are a creative and collaborative coworking space located in Union Square, Manhattan. Spark Labs has grown into a collective of NYC's most exciting tech startups.

By joining Spark Labs community, you will receive all the support you need to expand in New York (investorsmentors, workshops, events, network of partners...). Also, you will quickly be connected to the New York Tech scene.

Spark Labs is hosting companies from all around the world and we like to provide our entrepreneurs with all the support they need. We can get your company up-and-running in less than 24 hours.



We have put together the best amenities available for our members. In addition to what's listed on the right, our all-inclusive rates includes many perks from top tech brands offering 12 months of free hosting to discounted gym membership and much more.

Space Amenities



Spark Labs is made up entirely of tech companies. Joining our community will instantly connect you to like-minded entrepreneurs all within the same industry. Stimulation starts here.